Activism Alert: Bobby Calves Public Consultation

Around 700,000 'bobby calves' are taken off their mothers within hours of birth. They are a by-product of the dairy industry which has no use for them. The calves are sent to slaughter and are killed at around 5 days of age - sometimes younger.

The government is currently considering a new standard which will deny these baby animals food for up to 30 hours before slaughter. This is actually worse than the current standard (10 hours) and is purely driven by the desire for profit.

Submissions on the new standard are open until tomorrow 3 February 5pm so please go to Animals Australia's website to find out how to make a submission.

Event: Australia's Climate Action Summit

Date: 13 - 15 March 2010

Location: Australian National University

City: Canberra

"Our governments are not providing real climate solutions. Whether it is Rudd or Abbott's plan or Copenhagen we deserve better. This three-day conference will look at strategy, policy and actions for the grassroots climate movement.

There is a growing community movement in Australia that is building people power for immediate action on climate change. Our vision is to work together at emergency speed to restore in a just way a safe climate in time for all people, all species and all generations."

Matty will be performing 1-2pm on Saturday at the Summit.

Event: The Aboriginal Struggle & The Left

Date: Saturday, February 20, 2010
Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Location: Aboriginal Cultural Centre
Street: 22 Kenny Street
City/Town: Wollongong, Australia

Special guest speakers:
Pat Eatock, Aboriginal elder and activist
Fred Moore, legendary trade union and Aboriginal rights activist
Terry Townsend, author of book being launched

Terry Townsend will be launching 'The Aboriginal Struggle & The Left'.

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